About L-PRES

L-PRES is a 6 Year Project with Development Objective (PDO) to improve livestock productivity, resilience and commercialization of selected value chains and to strengthen the country’s capacity to respond to an eligible crisis or emergency.

Livestock is vital to Nigeria’s economy and poverty alleviation. It employs 30 percent of the rural population but accounts only for less than 10 percent of the Agricultural GDP and 2-3 percent of the National GDP , which highlights the sub-sector under-development. Livestock provides increased significant economic stability to rural households in the form of cash buffers, as capital reserves, and creates a hedge against inflation.



A Livestock Industry where value addition and quality services enable sustainable, diversified and productive livestock economy in Nigeria.


To provide enabling environment for quality and efficient service delivery to livestock farmers and stakeholders through effective livestock policy formulation and implementation

Core Values

Professionalism, Teamwork, Innovation, Quality Service, Productivity, Resilience, Value Addition, Self Sufficiency, Wealth Creation, Inclusiveness.


Projects Components

The Livestock Productivity and Resilience Project (L-PRES) is a strategic input to the country’s long-term approach of developing and transforming its livestock subsector.

The component will foster an enabling environment for public and private operators through improving the performance and service delivery of institutions involved in the livestock subsector and the livestock policy and regulation formulation, planning and programing. It will also support the creation of innovative multi-purpose Livestock Service Centers (LSCs). The component will benefit both producers and other value chain actors and provide the enabling platform for sustainable investment in Component 2.
This component aims to enhance participation of smallholder producers and other private sector operators all along the selected VCs under a PPP arrangement. It will support activities to improve access to critical knowledge, services, inputs, equipment, infrastructure investments, as well as provision of corresponding financing for investment initiatives in the form of matching grants. These investment initiatives (subprojects) will be demand-driven, selected through competitive process. Their business cases will need to be clearly demonstrated and intrinsically viable economically. Activities selected will need to consider reducing the vulnerability of livestock to changing climate. The Project-selected VCs will be considered sequentially. Component 2 will focus on three priority livestock VCs (cattle – dairy and beef – sheep, goat, and poultry) in the first three years. The three other priority VCs (hides and skins, pigs, and honey) will be added from the third year onward to the extent of their ability to improve food security, nutrition, and generate viable investment opportunities.
The aim of this component is threefold: (i) ensuring that GoN is better equipped to respond to livestock crises and emergencies; (ii) helping mitigate conflicts and build peace in the context of current insecurity where pastoralist and sedentary producers have often diverging interests; and (iii) establishing appropriate coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), and communication regarding Project implementation.

L-PRES is expected to reduce the impact of Coronavirus pandemic since most of the mechanisms through which the Coronavirus has affected the livestock sector are the same factors that this project will address.

Improving institutional capacity will have major contribution in improving surveillance, improving access to market, supporting improvement in storage capacity, among others, will have a major contribution in revitalizing the livestock sector in post-Coronavirus period.

Improving quality of produce of informal wet markets has now emerged as an important area to curb future pandemic. The Covid-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus operation is expected to also support the livestock subsector as a response to the effects of Coronavirus pandemic. L-PRES will coordinate its activity with the Recovery operation to ensure the adverse impact of Coronavirus is addressed holistically.

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